The Hunt for a Soundbar at Best Buy

I’m thinking tomorrow when I wake up in the morning I’m gonna go on a soundbar hunt to Best Buy to just do a comparison of the different brands of soundbars that they have. I just want to go and see which ones I would like to purchase when I’m ready and to see if they have any good sales on any 2018 models or if they have any open boxes left over.

First I looked at Polk Audio 2.1 channel soundbar system with a 51/4 in wireless sub woofer. It has 4 speakers in the soundbar. 2 full range and 2 tweeters for that crisp clarity that you want so you can have that movie theater sound in your home. It even has a HDMI input and output so you can hookup your Blu-ray player for watching movies

Next I checked out a JBL soundbar that comes with an amplifier that was out of this world. This soundbar has 6 mid range drivers and 3 tweeters along with a 10 in sub woofer. It has a total of 450 watts total output power. It also comes with 3 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. This soundbar is way to big for my house. It would blow the roof off my place.

I can’t get over how much the soundbars have changed. The one I have now is a couple years old and is already outdated. After seeing all these new soundbars I just know that I’m gonna end up buying me a new one before this days over. I still can’t get over how much the soundbars have changed….. Just like computers or should I say just like everything in the electronics world

Then I took a gander over to the Samsung Soundbars and what do I see…my friends Samsung soundbar that he just purchased from Best Buy. It’s a 2.1 channel 300 watt with a 61/2in sub woofer. It has HDMI inputs and outputs. It was priced way less than what he told me he paid for it. Now I know I’m gonna have to get me new soundbar… TODAY

After that I looked at one of Americas favorite brands… Bose. The Bose was just a simple soundbar with no sub woofer or no amplifier and was price the highest out of all the ones I looked at. It was the nicest one so far. It was a surround sound system all in one speaker soundbar. No HDMI outputs or inputs.Who needs them with a Bose system soundbar.. Bose has always been one of the best

Right next to the Bose soundbar was one of Americas other favorite brands.. You probably guessed it ….that’s right Sony. This Sony Soundbar was a 2.1 channel 350 watts system It comes with a 6.3 in sub woofer. It has HDMI inputs and HDMI outputs.This Sony soundbar will give you the theater sound that your looking for if you was to purchase one of these

I’ve looked at all the top brand soundbars at Best Buy and I’ve come to conclusion that there all very nice. It’s up to you and what you like. My favorites are the Bose and Sony. When I came to Best Buy today I was just going to look and see what they have. I wasn’t planning on buying anything. After being there and seeing all the new technology of soundbars I decided to purchase me that Sony soundbar that I looked at. I just had to get one better than my friends Samsung soundbar. We always have to competing with each other no matter what it is we do.

I think that every American needs to purchase a soundbar so they can have the opportunity of owning a soundbar system for their home I’m not joking everyone needs to go out and get a soundbar. It will change your whole way of watching television. You will regret if you don’t. Out with the old and in with the new. You will definitely be glad that you did. Thanks for reading the Hunt for a Soundbar at Best Buy

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